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Fund Name   Description
Fiscal Sponsor
Disaster Relief Fund Donate The Community Disaster Relief Fund helps strengthen our community and respond immediately to crisis situations such as the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The Fund distributions are determined by Lake County Office of Emergency Management and Lake County Public Health with consultation from Lake County Human Services.
Lake County Community Fund Donate The Lake County Community Fund provides a means to expand the capacity of local organizations, promote and facilitate giving opportunities, and inspire investment in Lake County.
Lions Club - Safeway Cards Donate The Leadville Lions Club is a service organization dedicated to serving our local community through various projects and events throughout the year. Community members can purchase Safeway Cards and 5% of the proceeds are donated back to the Lions Club. The Lions Club awards grants and scholarships to school district teachers.
Lake County Open Space Initiative Donate The Lake County Open Space Initiative was formed at the invitation of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners and represents a diverse stakeholders’ group with a common interest in community sustainability and preserving the intrinsic, natural, recreational, and cultural resources of the Upper Arkansas River Watershed.
Lake County School District Education Fund Donate Lake County School District challenges students to reach their fullest potential through personal, engaged and rigorous learning in the classroom and beyond.
Pumpkin Patch Donate Pumpkin Patch provides a fun, healthy fall event for the youngest people in Leadville and Lake County. Funding for Pumpkin Patch supports and promotes high-quality early childhood programming for local pre-school aged children.
Lideres Latinos Leadville Donate Lideres Latinos Leadville is a group of people from different nationalities who have committed to the work of social justice in favor of the immigrants in Lake County. Currently, funds are being raised to support DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) training and applications. Lideres Latinos supports the Spanish-speaking immigrant community in Lake County by facilitating their integration into a new culture and providing information and resources.
Tree of Sharing Donate Tree of Sharing is a volunteer and donation-based organization serving the Leadville/Twin Lakes area. We purchase gifts with donated funds and distribute the gifts to families in need during the holiday season.The project’s success is dependent on the generosity of Lake County residents, services, and private organizations.
Other Funds